Private English-speaking kindergarten – Wilanów – Warszawa

Our private kindergarten in Wilanów is a place where we develop young minds. To achieve the best results we combine modern teaching methods, fun activities and friendly conversations. An important aspect of education in our kindergarten is teaching English. To achieve the best results we rely on the method of immersion which means surrounding the child with English in a natural everyday context. This approach allows our little learners to aquire the language much faster and easier and build solid foundations for future learning.

Private kindergarten in Wilanów

As a private kindergarten, we concentrate mainly on the individual needs of every child. We devote time and attention to every child’s strengths and weaknesses, nurturing the former and correcting the latter. We observe the children every day, monitoring their development and the progress of their knowledge. Our teachers are highly-qualified specialists who teach through fun, using integration and various interesting activities.

Language kindergarten – Wilanów

Our kindergarten in Wilanów provides children with high-quality education in English. We speak, play and cooperate in English every day, allowing the children to acquire the language in the most natural way. This method, called immersion, provides children with endless opportunities to listen to English and use it in interactions with other learners and teachers, including Native speakers and graduates of English studies. Being immersed in a bilingual environment five days a week, children quickly develop their language and social skills, which is beneficial for their future education and growth.

Private kindergarten – Wilanów

Private kindergarten in Wilanów is the right place for your child if you value high-quality English teaching in a bilingual environment, warm supportive atmosphere, the idea of learning through fun and the comfort and care provided by best specialists. The basis of our work is the children’s astounding curiosity and their open minds. We do our best to nurture them so that they can develop their skills, talents and individual interests and get ready for the next stages of education and development.

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