Private English-speaking kindergarten – Raszyn

The first years of children’s education and upbringing have a great impact on their later behaviour and finding their own place in the world. Kindergarten is a place where your child can receive the right kind of support that may help them reach their full intellectual potential.

In our everyday practice we make use of modern methods of education. We combine interesting activities with supporting the holistic development of the children. An English-speaking kindergarten provides them with the opportunity to get completely immersed in the foreign language from the earliest stage of their education. In our kindergarten in Raszyn children have a direct and intense contact with both the English and Polish language.

Language kindergarten – Raszyn

In our private kindergarten in Raszyn we use immersion in the foreign language in order to support the children’s development from the first years of their lives. We use bilingual communication in many areas of everyday life to stimulate the children’s natural use of English in various contexts.
Thanks to the strong immersion the children start treating the foreign language as their own. They use it every day in their usual circumstances. This method guarantees the best learning effects as the childen learn new vocabulary quickly and use it every day. Such education provides them with the chance to develop correct pronunciation and understand the basics of English.

Private kindergarten in Raszyn

Kindergarten in Raszyn employs both Polish and English-speaking professionals. Our kindergarteners not only are fluent in English and well-trained in teaching, but they also love working with children above all.

Private kindergarten in Raszyn offers a warm, supportive atmophere and multiple opportunities for the children to learn English through play.

Contact us and see for yourself how much we can do for your children’s harmonious development and the growth of their communication skills.