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Professional Team, which ensures warm, homely atmosphere for our pupils:

  • We cooperate only with people, who possess higher pedagogical education and passion for work with the children.
  • Every group is leaded by Polish speaking and English speaking teacher Teachers guide and support children in daily activities, games and lessons.
  • Our great team participates in international exchange of experience.
  • Our teaching staff is supported by trainers which run optional lessons: the world champion in karate, chess master, PhD student at the University of Warsaw – holding Biblical Stories. A talented artist,  works of which, we can admire at the exhibitions in Warsaw art galleries.

We have twelve years of experience in running a bilingual institution.

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Our kindergarten works on the basis of professional American program, created exclusively for linguistic kindergartens in the USA. Program functions according to standards of NAEYC (American counterpart MEN). The program is successively conducted in our institution for years.

We fulfill the requirements of the bilingual program:

  • English teachers use the target language during the day;
  • We employ the qualified team of English teachers with pedagogical education;
  • We implement language content by means of natural immersion in language according to certain conditions, in particular: one person-one language.
  • We cooperate with a methodologist, who is a specialist in foreign language teaching;
  • We verify the language skills of children on every educational stage;
  • We adapt appropriate content, materials and teaching approaches in accordance with the needs of children;
  • We improve educational and language competences in terms of bilingual teaching.
  • We employ professional native speakers, which possess appropriate qualifications and vocation of work with children;
  • During individual meetings with parents, we provide current information concerning children’s progress in education and development;
  • The original music program complements the language content through implementation of music lessons in English.
  • Innovative American program “Dance ‘n Beats” introduces children to the world of rhythm and dance.

Rich music curriculum:

  • Implementation of music and movement classes on the base of the original music program.
  • Music therapy
  • Piano lessons
  • Learning how to play the xylophone and certain percussion instruments;
  • Concerts and music events;
  • We ensure instrumental, vocal and drama workshops “TAM TAM KIDS”

Professional care of psychologist and language therapist:

  • We provide group speech lessons and individual speech therapy;
  • We implement social skills workshops in cooperation with a child psychologist;
  • We organize trainings, workshops and individual meetings with parents.

Preschool education on the highest level:

  • We provide a wide range of educational activities in terms of writing and reading skills. In accordance with I. Majchrzak approach.
  • Math activities are based on the curriculum of Professor Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska “Child’s Mathematics”.
  • We conduct sport activities – general physical education, and corrective gymnastics.
  • We conduct science trainings for children, under the auspices of the Copernicus Science Centre
  • We take part in various international educational projects for children.
  • We run Academy of Healthy Nutrition “Health Academy”.
  • Kindergarten is equipped with the classroom “experiencing the world”.
  • We possess our own library that consists of English and Polish literature for children.
  • Every month we go on educational and leisure trips to different interesting places.
  • WE COOPERATE WITH INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, allowing us to organize international exchange.
  • Since 2016, kindergarten is a member of international organization UNESCO.

The most modern interactive solution is the investment in the future of our kindergarteners. Our kindergartens run certain educational activities that are integrated with the multimedia teaching. An important aspect of education is the usage of the interactive whiteboard in Zebra. The goal of the above mentioned is to create conditions for children that will help them adapt to school conditions and work in a new digital reality.

Professional background

  • newly built, extensive educational buildings that:  meet all the standards and regulations; guarantee safe and hygienic conditions for our children;
  • Spacious and colorful classrooms with the bathroom on every floor;
  • Classrooms for movement activities;
  • Own kitchen, preparing 4 meals per day;
  • Perfectly equipped and safe playgrounds;
  • Specialists’ offices
  • Webcams that allow you to follow your child during his daily activities;
  • Trips, excursions, concerts, meetings occasional events, performances. We organize birthday parties in the kindergarten for every child.

Knowledge, experience, and vocation brings us together. Together, we build a kindergarten, which is friendly for Children, Parents and Teachers. In this place, everyone feels good.

Welcome to Zebra!