Private English-speaking kindergarten – Piaseczno, Józefosław

Private kindergarten in Józefosław combines modern teaching methods with a warm atmophere which supports the learning process and development of children. In our kindergarten children learn English and essential skills through play and contact with highly-qualified bilingual personnel and Native speakers of English. The teachers are warm, responsible and caring, and simply love their job as well as their little students.

The teaching method used by our kindergarteners is immersion. It means introducing children to a natural English-speaking environment where they can safely learn and start using the foreign language the same way they started acquiring their mother tongue. In order to achieve that our teachers interact with the children in English every day while having fun and perfoming various activities together. The children not only learn English but also build their social skills, develop the eagerness to cooperate and maintain their natural curiosity of the world. Such education helps them expand intellectually, form their personalities and build their first friendships.

Private kindergarten in Józefosław

Our kindergarten in Józefosław is a private education center where your children will receive high-quality and individualised teaching. We are aware of the uniqueness of every child and do our best to take his or her individual needs and potential into account during all the activities.

We also ensure beautiful and safe teaching materials, musical instruments and toys which stimulate the manual, artistic and intellectual growth of the children. The classes and daily activities take place in comfortable, colourful and well-equipped rooms.

English-speaking kindergarten in Józefosław

In our kindergarten in Józefosław we provide your children with the best conditions for learning. We teach English through immersion, which allows the children to develop a natural understanding of the foreign language and eliminates the fear of speaking it altogether. Our kindergarteners are graduates of pedagogy and English studies or Native speakers of English. They are perfect role models and skilled professionals who guarantee the highest level of education.

Contact us and find out more about our teaching methods and activities we have prepared for your children.