We love the music!

Music kindergarten Warsaw

Music kindergarten ZEBRA is a center of innovative education where we pay special attention to teaching sensitivity to sounds and developing the children’s musical skills. Musical education is not an end in itself, though, as it has been proven to support the holistic development of the body and mind of the children.

Musical activities in our kindergarten help the children strengthen their muscles and neurological, respiratory and circulatory systems, and develop their linguistic, social and emotional skills.

Why do we teach music? Our original Musical Education Program

The reason why we base our education on music is our appreciation of its great potential in stimulating the children’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

There are a number of ways in which music boosts the growth and healthy development of children. In our kindergarten we make extensive use of the following functions of music:

  • teaching sensitivity to sounds and developing the hearing sense – exposed to a variety of sounds both in isolation and in harmonious sequences the children learn to differentiate between the sounds and appreciate the complexity of melodies. Their growing awareness of this complexity helps them perceive the differences between sounds in foreign languages. Needless to say, that is a fantastic foundation for effective learning of pronunciation;
  • teaching values and knowledge of the world – the choice of songs taught in our kingergarten is no coincidence. We select songs with lyrics that help the children learn moral values and social behaviours desirable in a healthy society. We use songs also to teach them about the world, for example about the seasons of the year, every day routine, special occasions, etc.;
  • providing opportunities for fun – healthy growth is not only about education. Listening to music helps the children relax and get an opportunity to act spontaneously between more structured activities. This gives them a chance to simply release their emotions and take a break;
  • supporting emotional development – various melodies and song lyrics help the children understand the complicated world of human emotions. They learn to recognise, name and express their own feelings as well as develop empathy and understanding of emotions of others;
  • developing motor skills – the rythm and melody of music provide the children with countless opportunities to learn about the potential and limitations of their own bodies. While dancing to slow and fast melodies they train their reflex and precision of movement, spatial orientation and coordination. They also strengthen their muscles, improve their posture and develop their neurological, circulation and respiratory systems;
  • stimulates imagination – music unravels imagination and creativity. It allows the children to fantasise freely and act out their imagined roles. It inspires them and provides them with an opportunity to explore the world of their feelings and imagined worlds.

Our original program of musical education activates the children in many different ways and makes them more joyful, confident and spontaeous.
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