We love the music!

We love the music!

Music every day!

Music stimulates emotions, feelings and imagination, helps to understand the surrounding reality, sharpens sensitivity and provides a lot of joy, fun, contentment and satisfaction. We have created an Original Music Program for our preschoolers “Zebras”.

Music accompanies our preschoolers every day; it plays an extremely important role in everyday work with children; it performs the following functions:

  • Teaches! It helps to understand the reality that surrounds us more deeply;
  • Entertains! Music gives the child a feeling of joy during dance and during other music activities;
  • Helps to grow! The child understands the world of social and moral values;
  • Supports the emotional development! It becomes a tool for the child in expressing of his/her feelings, desires and ideas;
  • Helps to develop! Musical games allow to the child to understand that something is rhythmic, that the music can be quiet and loud and that it can be expressed with movements;
  • It makes a great influence on child’s general physical development! Music and movement activities have an impact on child’s muscle development, correct posture and heart functioning; strengthen child’s nervous system and teach the child to make smooth and flexible movements.

An original music program “Zebras” makes our children become more active, joyful, spontaneous and more confident. In other words – more happier!