Summer School

„Cooking with Zebra, around the world’s cuisines in 60 days”

In this year’s Summer School offer children will have an opportunity to participate in culinary travels around the world.

Each holiday week will be devoted to a different country to give children a chance to familiarise themselves with various tastes, characteristic features of particular cuisines and world’s regions. Summer School composed in such a way not only provides children with fantastic fun but also creates an occasion to learn more about healthy eating habits. Moreover, at the same time children will develop their manual skills!


Culinary Map 2015: Bulgaria, India, Italy, Germany, the United States, China, Greece and Mexico. Each region will lead us through different taste experiences. Cooking workshops will be accompanied by hot, summer rhythms related to a particular country. Artistic workshops, extraordinary trips and visits of interesting guests are also included in the offer! As food does not come from nowhere, our English Summer School workshops will be based on Mother Goose Time “Growing Gardens” project. Topics connected with the project are: Planting the garden, Watching the garden grow, Visitors in the garden, Vegetables in the Garden!



July begins with the trip to Bulgaria, placing this country on a map of the world and finding out the facts about its history. In connection with the widely known plantations of roses in Bulgaria children will have a chance to smell essential oils and taste regional foods. We will look closely at Bulgarian dances and organize picnic on the grass under the motto: “Delicious vertigo”.  Musical-movement games and artistic projects are also included!



The second week of July is an invitation to the country of millions of colours – to India. Each child will get to know distinctive tastes on spices festival and taste Indian fruit from the market prepared on their own. India is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth so children will also taste delicious halva. During our trip we will learn about tourist attractions and “Rangoli”, practise Indian dance and make jewellery from natural materials.



From India straight to Italy. During cooking workshops we will make pizza! Native language Italian will lead children through the most beautiful places, monuments and lavender fields. We will attempt to explore the secrets of Italian products which make Italian cuisine so popular. Dancing to the rhythm of the well-known song of Italian gondoliers and listening to the Italian children’s literature is also in the offer! Artistic workshops will be devoted to inter alia unique masks creation.



The next country on our culinary map is Germany. Together we will prepare a potato salad, Bavarian pretzels and unique projects inspired by music of J.S. Bach and L. van Beethoven.



August starts with the American week. During the creative fun day we will turn into Indians and dance to the Indian music of EL. CondorPasa. Moreover, “The Indian Orchestra” will play the music inspired by the spell that calls the rain! Another day will be devoted to country music and dancing to its rhythm. We will taste American cuisine specialities: pancakes with maple syrup, healthy burgers, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, barbecue wings and apple pie. During creative workshops we will make “Zebra Food Truck”! We will take children to the Zebra’s Cinema and watch the film about history and traditions in the United States of America and produce a model of the Wild West.



During the second week of August we will visit China. As everybody knows, Chinese cuisine origins from rich and old civilisation. During this week we will eat rice, pasta and wontons. We will learn how to eat using chopsticks and build the Great Wall of China!



The third week is a trip to Greece. Greece is not only famous for its ancient monuments and beautiful views but also for its delicious cuisine. We will eat tomato cakes and aubergine pasta. Together we will prepare Greek salad, dance Zorba  and have a great fun during the “Gods and Goddesses Ball”.



Finally we will move on to hot Mexico. Our orchestra “Desperado” will play maracas! Together we will prepare vegetarian tortillas and learn about Mexican games. We will also project a sombrero, make salt dough cactuses and have a fantastic fun during the Mexican corrida on balls.

With us you will have an unforgettable holidays! You are more than welcome!