English all day


English-speaking kindergarten ZEBRA in Warsaw offers an innovative bilingual English teaching program. Our children acquire the foreign language through natural immersion in an English-speaking environment. During all the activities in our kindergarten the children are supervised by two teachers simultaneously, each of whom communicates with them in one language only, Polish or English, in accordance with the „one person-one language” rule.

Each day in our kindergarten starts with musical activities. We invite children to fun games designed by Zofia Bogdanowicz, drum playing, and „Dance&Beats”, an innovative American dance-and-movement program in English.

Children’s physical and cognitive development are strongly integrated. Using the body and the senses at the same time, children learn more effectively, which allows them to reach their fullest potential. Also nurturing the child’s musical sensitivity correlates with better language performance. Therefore, in our kindergarten we stimulate the children’s development holistically and teach English through fun, music and movement.

Children in ZEBRA absorb the language in a relaxed atmosphere while having fun with their friends and teachers. A large part of our daily routine involves musical activities such as singing English songs, learning to play musical instruments and dancing. We stimulate the linguistic development of our children from the age of 2 using musical rituals with repetitive English phrases. We also conduct Doman’s sessions, during which we introduce small bits of material frequently and only for a short time. In this way we spark the children’s interest making the best

use of their relatively short attention span. As a result, we gradually build their vocabulary and a system of basic English phrases.

Our daily routine is based on a professional British program for young learners. This year during our English classes we prepare projects covering the thematic webs presented on the pictures below.


Apart from using modern methodology, we provide our children with the best foundations for learning and development which is an atmosphere of trust, love and acceptance. The program is designed in such a way that the teachers can devote time to observe the children, deepen their understanding of their individuality and simply spend time with them.

Our teachers inspire the children using art, music and logic games. Such education helps us attain our most important goals. We boost the children’s knowledge of English and the surrounding world, develop their motor, social, intellectual and artistic skills and prepare them for the next stages of their development.

Our team consists mainly of highly-qualified specialists trained in pedagogy and teaching English, who are devoted to supporting the children in their development. An important member of our personnel is also our psychologist who is a Native speaker of English. Apart from teaching English, she also mentors other teachers and helps us instill a sense of security in children. She also supports parents in the challenges of parenthood and organises workshops where she helps them build strong emotional bonds with their children.

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