English all day

English all day


Kindergarten Zebra offers a bilingual foreign language teaching program. Our children are “immersed” in the environment of the second language through natural immersion. In accordance with the principle of “one person – one language”, one of the teachers uses Polish in communication with children and the other uses only English.

Children start their day Physical development of the children is strictly integrated with their cognitive development.Dance ‘n Beats will move not only bodies, hearts and minds but will also make children learn and understand the surrounding world faster. Musical and movement activities that are conducted in English are based on the movements of four areas of our body. They support the development of coordination, balance, strength and control. Thanks to our musical and dancing mornings, the child’s alignment of the posture and spatial awareness will improve.

Our English teachers supervise the development of language skills in two-years-olds. Due to the extended music usage during the day, children acquire second language extremely fast.  Basic expressions and Doman’s session accompany children every day, and help to build rich English vocabulary.

The next in our daily schedule are educational classes in English. Our kindergarten’s English program is based on the professional curriculum, which was created in the USA for young learners.

This school year we are concerned four different topics. Below, you can acquaint with the theme content of chosen projects.

In the background of whole education, is the ability to build atmosphere of love and trust. The program was designed so that the teacher would have time to observe, teach and remain with children. Working on certain chosen projects, the teacher knows how to inspire children through the music, art and logical games.

Our linguistic activities are supported by our Native Speaker. Daniele is a child’s psychologist, so despite the development of language skills in our children, he supports their sense of security. Daniele organizes the trainings for parents where they work together in order to build stronger relations with their children.

“Relying on Zebra – you rely on bilingualism”

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