Parents about us

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Zebra kindergarten is a wonderful place which we associate with many positive memories and careless childhood. Our Tina says that she loves Zebra very much and if she could, she would came back there. She adored her group mates and she misses them a lot. Tina’s favourite teacher was her form tutor miss Paulina – she describes her as the second mommy. Miss Paulina put a lot of effort into my daughter’s  education. Now, as a result, Tina gets top marks at school. She is an exemplary student with many hobbies and interests: singing, acting, sports. Under the care of Miss Paulina my child was loved and felt safe…it’s invaluable and I will be always grateful for that. Tina’s second favourite teacher was Miss Ewa who introduced her into the world of English language. Currently, my daughter goes to bilingual school, where  classes are conducted in two languages, and the basis worked out with Miss Ewa result in quick and effective learning. My child is attached to Zebra kindergarten and the teachers working there so much that she always takes part in every Pijamas Party and willingly drops by to hug her favourite educators.
~Tina's parents