Bilingual education

BILINGUAL education

Przedszkole z edukacją dwujęzyczną

One of our priorities is teaching English, because this is something that the surrounding world demands from us. Each day and throughout the day our children function in a friendly bilingual environment – playing and learning from a qualified English-speaking teacher.

Our educational actions are based on an American programme entitled “Mother Goose Time Curriculum”, implemented for 30 years now, in accordance with the NAEYC standards.

MGT Curriculum – American curriculum implemented through numerous language plays, as well as through mathematical, scientific, culinary, plastic arts and musical games.

Each week, the children participate in countless language plays as well as in mathematical, scientific, culinary, plastic arts and musical games.  Each language project is accompanied by various musical genres: classical music, jazz, swing, pop, country, etc.

Moreover, the curriculum is tailored to the interests of the kids. Among our thematic projects of the last few years were: Dinosaurs, the Ocean, the Little Globetrotter, the Outer Space, the Winter Wonderland.

Throughout the day, the English-speaking teachers communicate with the children inEnglish, accompanying them and supporting them in everyday activities.

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  • We ensure professional care, education and upbringing of children aged 2 to 6.
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