Head of the facility

The founder and head of the “Zebra” preschools is

mgr Olga Baca

Graduate from the Faculty of Musical Education of the Świętokrzyska Academy; Graduate from the Faculty of Preschool Education at the Paweł Włodkowic University College in Płock; Graduate from the Faculty of Composition, Theory of Music and Artistic Education in Musical therapy (postgraduate studies) of the Musical Academy in Łódź and from the Faculty of Instrumental and Educational Studies of the Fryderyk Chopin  University of Music in Warsaw (branch in Białystok).

Promoter of new methods of musical therapy and musical prevention by Prof. M. Janiszewski and the method by Prof. Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska entitled ”Dziecięca Matematyka” /Child and Mathematics/.

Happy mum of three children: 8-year old Natalia and 5-year old twins, Leon and Ignacy:)